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Transitional Living Program

Washington State's Transitional Living services are for youth ages 18-21 who turned 18 while they were still in state or tribal foster care and are trying to make it on their own.

The TL program provides services to young adults to help them succeed; these services can include:

You can get Transitional Living Services through classes and workshops and through local agencies who can work with you one-on-one.

Eligibility Criteria for Transitional Living Skills

  1. Youth has aged out of foster care or Tribal out of home care, is age 18 or older but has not yet reached age 21;
  2. Youth who were not eligible for ILS services at time of transition may still be eligible for TLS if they meet the following criteria:

    • Youth has or had an open DCFS case at time of transition from care; and
    • Youth had been in out-of-home care for the previous six months prior to transition from care; OR
    • Youth was dependent and returned home within a year of reaching the age of majority (18).
Youth must meet all of the following criteria to receive Transitional Living funds:
  1. Youth is no longer in foster care at the time of any payment for housing costs;
  2. Youth meets one or more of the following employment or educational requirements:
    • Has a source of income; or
    • Has documented proof of actively seeking employment; or
    • Is involved in an educational program.
  3. Youth participates directly in developing the service plan and accepts personal responsibility for achieving independence.
  4. Youth has submitted an application and statement of need, which have been approved by the DCFS Regional ILS Program Manager and/or the contracted service provider.
  5. Youth was eligible for ILS services at time of transition from foster care.

For more information about Transitional Living, email ILSKIDS@dshs.wa.gov or contact your local DCFS office.