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Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program

The Education & Training Voucher (ETV) Program is a national program for youth who qualify and are likely to age out of the foster care system.

ETV offers financial assistance to eligible current and former foster youth to attend an accredited college, university, vocational or technical college. The ETV program helps students in their own efforts to secure financial aid to enroll in college.

The maximum ETV award is $5,000. Awards are unique to each student and are based on the cost of attendance formula established by their college of choice and any unmet need they may have within their financial aid award. The total ETV award cannot exceed the cost of attendance, so not every student will receive a full $5,000.

ETV awards can help fund tuition, fees, books, housing, transportation and other school-related costs.

Do I qualify for the Education and Training Voucher Program?

The ETV program provides financial assistance for current and former foster youth for college. You may be eligible if you are enrolled in an accredited college and pursuing a certificate or degree and meet any one of the following:

If determined eligible, you may receive funds each academic year as long as you are meeting your institutions Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy and ETV requirements.

*"Foster care" means 24-hour per day temporary substitute care for a child placed away from the child's parents and for whom the Department of Social of Health Services, a licensed or certified child placing agency, or a tribe has placement and care responsibility. This includes but is not limited to placements in foster family homes, foster homes of relatives, licensed group homes, emergency shelters, staffed residential facilities, and pre-adoptive homes, regardless of whether the Department licenses the home or facility and/or makes payments for care of the child.

ETV Program Guidelines:

ETV Program Applications:

2014-15 ETV Application Dates:

ETV Program Forms:

Want more information?

Email ETVWASH@dshs.wa.gov or call (877) 433-8388.

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